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Rock and Blues Lead Guitarist

I have played guitar for 50 years, worked professionally in many popular cover bands over 40 years, backed touring artists and been involved in a number of music projects over the years.

My speciality is rock and blues guitar, with my major influences from guitar players such as Clapton, Page, Beck, Santana and Emmanuel.


Celebrating the Guitar Solo


A great guitar solo is just like an extraordinary piece of art. Van Gogh, Whitely, Matisse, Salvador Dali, Da Vinci and many more created works that are revered and will be remembered for many centuries to come. 

Great guitar works like that created by Eric Clapton, Jim Hendrix, Jimmy Page, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Eddie Van Halen, Brian May, Tommy & Phil Emmanuel, Carlos Santana, Joe Walsh, Larry Carlton and David Gilmour are highly inspirational and extraordinary pieces, loved by millions, and no doubt will be looked on with awe centuries from now.

Like great art, the diversity of guitar solos is incredible. From heavily distorted, clean, melodic, gentle, extreme speed, and of high energy mode to delicate and moody, the guitar solo has become part of our culture and history and provides a recollection of the many stages of our own lives.

My aspiration is to consistently produce guitar solos and pieces that are enjoyed and inspire the listener, just like the legendary guitar players, and helping the next generation of guitar players to appreciate and master the guitar and musical skills to become a great player, or at least bring a sense of satisfaction and enjoyment through the playing of the great guitar works.


I'm available to collaborate on your musical events

I am now resident on the Sunshine Coast and open to new collaborations such as:

  • Lead guitar player in rock/blues bands or duos
  • Fill-in gigs as a lead guitar player
  • Shows and special projects
  • Recording
  • Mentoring and production for aspiring bands
  • Teaching aspiring guitar players to become better players, especially to improve the quality of their guitar solos 


My teaching method


My method for aspiring guitar players is to develop your skills from a modest player to a player that people really want to listen to and admire, and perhaps to become an outstanding in-demand professional player.

I do this by allowing you to:

  1. Discover the many types of expression that can turn a few simple notes into something special
  2. Learning many of the greatest guitar solos and gradually improving the quality and excellence of your delivery of those from being just OK to amazing and inspirational to others. There are many great guitar solos that are not complicated or too difficult .. however amazing expression from the master is what makes them memorable. We will record your efforts at different stages to allow you to see the improvement in your guitar playing over time.
  3. Learning how to improvise and create your own grooves and riffs
  4. Learn the skills required to become a quality professional player in bands and shows 

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